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CCS™ (Certified Cash Flow Specialist)

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of life with the money you have?

As a Certified Cash Flow Specialist I am trained in a proprietary process which is designed to help you with your daily spending and long-term financial goals.

As a CERTIFIED CASH FLOW SPECIALIST, I generate Behavioural Cash Flow Plans for my clients and I’m trained to provide Behavioural Cash Flow advice.

BEHAVIOURAL CASH FLOW PLANNING provides specific advice on your personal spending based upon a standardized process to take into account your income, expenses, proximity to retirement, assets, liabilities and recommend how much you can spend on the things you can control.

The behavioural cash flow plan is a written document that includes behavioural spending recommendations as well as guidance on the most efficient debt structure.  It includes specific and clear advice on both spending and debt repayments – an exact amount you should focus on spending with expenses you can control, short term goals (such as a vacation!) as well as major expenses, like a renovation.  A behavioural cash flow plan takes into account your behaviour; human behaviour.

Not Budgeting – Cash Flow Planning.

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