"Don’t just buy, invest!"

I have used this phrase over and over again.  Too many times have I seen people come in with their statements that clearly show ‘purchases’ in investments in ‘flavor of the month’ products.  I want to coach you how to think like a business owner.  Just because an investment has done well in the past doesn’t mean that it is aligned to do well in the future…there is more to it than that! 

We start by explaining our investment approach and methodology in a clear simple way that allows everyone involved to better understand and evaluate how a portfolio is expected to perform, and how that will work within Your Story. 

Our investment selection starts by analyzing where we've been, and where we are today, in order to create a strategy that will best help us achieve our goals for the future.  After all, the main goal of investing is simple – to make money!  That said, you have to have a clear understanding of how much risk you need to take, as well your comfort level with taking that risk, and the risks involved within each investment choice.

Your comfort is important.  It doesn’t matter how much your cousin or your neighbor is making on his/her portfolio - your portfolio is unique to you and while the goal is to make money, discipline is required to maintain peace of mind.  Opinions are all around us and it’s easy to get caught up with what is being said in the media and this is why we need to stick to your plan.

Why is it that the average equity fund produced compounded returns over 20 years (through 2007) of approximately 10% and the average investors return is about half that?*  It’s amazing how our own reactions to events can affect our chances of success! 

Let Brett’s behavioral investment coaching and almost 20 years’ experience (with the credentials to back it up!) develop Your Story into a best seller!

*Quote from Behavioral Investment Counseling by Nick Murray.